Zone in Transito

The organization of western cities tends increasingly to codify and define the space.
Urban change and redevelopment of whole blocks leave empty areas, waiting to be reconstructed.
Several interstitial spaces temporarily lose their function and escape the role given by governors and speculators.
These spaces become an expression of that subjectivity that refuses standardizing.
Places that used to be closed are now open, the limit between private and public is redefined; use andproperty become indefinite.
Places where once there was life are now visible and can tell us their stories; layers of varnish, wallpaper,floor tiles, forgotten objects are mixed together with the wish to give new life to these territories.
Places where art, protest, appropriation of temporarily free areas, for better or for worse, create a newurban aesthetic against homologation.
Areas between a past and future that are certain, and a present still to be invented.
The inheritance of past lives is mixed to an awaiting present.
The transformation will take place according to the will of the urban development and these places willchange once again, becoming unrecognizable; the only remaining element will be their geographicalposition, their exact spot on the earth.
A documentation of zones in transit.
With the fall of Franco (1975) and the first free elections, Barcelona lives an urban renewal, increased bythe approval, in 1986, of the nominations to the Olympic games of 1992.
The renovation of the city begins, and huge areas are demolished and reconstructed; the world welcomesto the ‘Modelo Barcelona’ as a synthesis of social consciousness, economic development and urbantransformation.
Nowadays ‘Modelo Barcelona’ seems to have become “Brand Barcelona”, more a product for consumersthan a city for the inhabitants.
A city in transformation, on the move….. in transit.

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